• Jonathan Desai

Why I'm the best person to help you buy or sell

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

When I first started in real estate, I was constantly told to figure out what sets me apart from the other 5,000 agents in the Knoxville area and to be entirely honest, I had absolutely NO idea. Here, I was brand new, straight out of college. No real experience in both "The Real World" and in my new career. Yeah, I had an impressive resume, but that doesn't get you anything in this world. 

After months of figuring it out, it finally hit me. My age. The biggest thing I thought working against me is actually my biggest strength.

​Being a younger agent is my biggest advantage for a variety of reasons. It means I'm more driven. I'm going to pay a lot more attention to detail than agents who have been in it for 20 or 30 years. In fact, I've had clients choose me because of that and that I treated them like an actual human being and not just another sales goal or transaction. 

When it comes to actually getting your home under contract, I've used methods agents who've been in it for ages haven't even thought of. I'm active with peers my age across the country, exchanging ideas and strategies; listening to podcasts. All to make sure that YOU are satisfied by improving my craft day by day. 

Buying or selling, getting your home under contract is the easy part. The part where I bring an added value is while we're pending. It's a tricky process to navigate, each step it's own science. From the home inspection, to r

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