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Visit These Five Coffee Shops in Knoxville

Over recent years, Knoxville has become a Tennessee-hub for high - quality coffee. With brand new shops and new locations from shops we love, the city has a lot to offer in terms of beans and caffeine. There are more than twenty different options on Google Maps alone that make picking a great shop a daunting task! Each of the five selected shops roast their own coffee locally and offer an element unique to themselves. When you walk through the doors of these great coffee locations, you experience the fantastic drinks and vibes Knoxville has to offer! Here are the top must-visit coffee shops in the city!

Kbrew West Hills Although Kbrew originated on North Broadway, the Kingston Pike location has taken West Knoxville by storm. The shop features fresh-roasted coffee and homemade bagels right next to the mall for a caffeine pitstop before shopping. All lattes and cappuccinos come standard with Cruze Farm’s froth-filled, delicious milk. Students and professionals can be productive in an expansive seating arrangement. Friends can relax and chat in the shop’s famous hammocks that hang from the ceiling. What more could you ask for!

Mahalo Downtown Aloha to “Hawaii-vibes only” at the recently-opened Mahalo Coffee Roasters on Union Avenue! The blue and white island aesthetic as well as an enthusiastic staff create an inviting environment that pulls you right in! Their coffee follows suit with bright, fruity flavors that will fuel any Knoxville native. The shop carries Flour Head Bakery treats and Simpl breakfast items for anyone looking for an exceptional start to their morning. Located next to Union Ave Books, it is the perfect place to read a novel or study for an exam. Mahalo does an excellent job at “making speciality coffee approachable” in everything they do.

Vienna Coffee at The Regas Building The Gay Street-historic Regas Square has been revitalized with the hit coffee shop from our friends in Maryville! It has the largest coffee dine-in seating in town for all looking to relax or study. Home to non-profits such as Thrive and Big Brothers and Sisters, professionals and students are more than welcome in its doors. Vienna is supplied to the brim with over twenty different kinds of coffee, more than any shop in Knoxville. Unlike most coffee places that sell food, this location prides itself in a spectacular breakfast and lunch menu. From homemade biscuits to freshly-prepared sandwiches like the Turkey Pesto Panini, Vienna doubles as a great place to grab a bite.

Likewise Coffee Unlike most shops that cater to West and South Knoxville, this store exists to serve the East community. Likewise not only serves an excellent cup of joe, but is

passionate to assist women caught in trafficking through Raise a Voice. Coffee lovers can be assured every dollar supports a great cause and funnels back into the Knoxville community. The shop is a newly-renovated house with rooms unique from each other, decked in furniture and vibrant colors. From couches and tables to armchairs and bar seating, there is always a place to Zoom for work or college. There’s even a cute picnic table setup outside to have friends or family meet as spring approaches.

Honeybee Coffee Known among South Knoxville residents as their premier coffee shop, Honeybee is a top-notch store. It stands amidst a line-up of bars along Sevier Ave and makes itself known as a fantastic coffee option. Students agree it is the perfect study spot since UT is only across the bridge. Honeybee is open until 7:00 P.M, which is later than most shops in town. Runners can grab an Americano after a jog through Ijam’s natural landscapes. Couples can hold a latte and a partner’s hand as they walk along the river at Suttree Landing Park. The outdoor possibilities with coffee afforded to

Honeybee due to its location outmatch any Knoxville shop.

After you visit each of these stores, you’ll understand why Knoxville is famous for its coffee. Whether a working professional or student, these shops exist as a space for you to become more productive. Families and friends are welcomed by a variety of settings meant to generate joy and memories. Give Kbrew, Mahalo, Vienna, Likewise and Honeybee a try! Experience the Knoxville vibes everyone are talking about and a taste of the city in every cup of Joe!

Written By Micah Marshall

Edited By Jonathan Desai

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