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Tomato and Watermelon Poke

This is a great vegetarian option for poke—and a sure-to-be summer favorite. Compressing the watermelon is optional, but it will give the watermelon a deeper color, almost resembling ahi tuna. Use the best quality ponzu and sesame oil available to make this simple dressing really shine.

Chef Richard Blais is a critically acclaimed restaurateur and winner of Top Chef: All-Stars.

Tip: When combining watermelon, tomato, ponzu, sesame oil, and green onions, mix in Morton® Fine Sea Salt to ensure ingredients are evenly coated with flavor. Finish with Morton® Coarse Sea Salt to add texture to the poke. Serves 4


  • 2 large heirloom tomatoes

  • 3 cups watermelon, diced

  • 1 avocado

  • 1 lime, juiced

  • ½ teaspoon Morton® Fine Sea Salt

  • ½ cup pine nuts

  • ½ cup citrus ponzu

  • 1 tablespoon sesame oil

  • 1 tablespoon green onions, sliced

  • 1½ cups prepared seaweed salad

  • 1 tablespoon sesame seeds

  • 1 teaspoon Morton® Coarse Sea Salt


  1. (OPTIONAL): Compress watermelon by placing it in a vacuum sealed bag, removing all air, and sealing closed. This compresses the juices in the watermelon and makes it look just like tuna poke.

  2. Preheat oven to 350°F.

  3. Lay pine nuts in a single layer on a baking tray, and toast until golden brown, or about 4 minutes. Remove, and set aside to cool.

  4. Dice tomatoes into medium-sized pieces.

  5. Remove the skin and seed of the avocado, and dice into medium-sized pieces. Mix with the lime juice and Morton® Fine Sea Salt. Fold in watermelon, tomato, ponzu, sesame oil, and green onions.

  6. Divide poke into 4 bowls.

  7. Top with seaweed salad, pine nuts, and sesame seeds.

  8. Finish with a sprinkle of Morton® Coarse sea salt.

Reduce food waste tip: Make today’s poke tomorrow’s salad! Toss finished poke with your favorite salad greens and diced cooked chicken to make a chopped Chinese chicken salad, or serve the poke over cooked brown rice or grains to turn it into a heartier option.

Courtesy of Reminder Media, American Lifestyle

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