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The Best Air Fryer Recipes

The Air Fryer was perhaps the hottest gift this holiday season, and whether you bought one for yourself or had one gifted to you, you might be thinking… what can I cook in this thing? The answer is pretty much anything you want, though you might get better results from some recipes more than others. Here are some of our favorites from internet bloggers who’ve done all the experimenting for you!

Cinnamon Doughnuts, Everyday Teacher Style This sweet breakfast idea is seriously simple. So simple, in fact, that it only calls for six ingredients and takes three minutes or less to fry! Talk about a quick morning bite that everyone will love.

Avocado Fries, Cooking Light If you’re already using an air fryer, you might as well make your fries even healthier, right? Swap potatoes for avocados and you’ll never look back. Avocado wedges are lightly breaded, and make for the perfect side. All you need is your favorite sauce for dipping.

Korean-Style Brussels Sprouts, My Forking Life If Brussels sprouts aren’t your favorite, don’t give up just yet until you air fry them. This recipe brings in a sweet and spicy glaze that makes this controversial vegetable incredibly flavorful and delicious.

Parm-Garlic Chicken Breasts, Delish Your air fryer is good for way more than just snacks and sides. It can do main course dishes, too—and in a short amount of time. Seasoned, breaded chicken breasts keep their crunch without the oil in this recipe (which goes great with the Brussels sprouts above).

Lemon Sugar Cookies, Taste of Home Fresh baked cookies (sans baking)! Delicate lemon flavor makes these cookies the perfect, light treat, and a slightly sweet, slightly tangy glaze tops it all off. Grandma might not approve of the air fryer method for cookie baking, but once you try it you’ll never go back.

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