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The Benefits of Buying a Home in Your 20s

Most twenty-somethings envision a life in the big city, working a big city job, and paying rent on a tiny apartment that’s barely big enough to fit a couch in. This is the real estate reality for some millions of young people in the twenty-first century.

But in increasing numbers, young adults are saying goodbye to the city in favor of buying a home in residential areas, out of the neon lights. Why is this? Homebuying can be a truly smart investment when handled properly, especially for people who are just starting out.

Homebuying puts you in a mindset of long-term growth

Shelling out hundreds of dollars each month for rent might not sound horrible compared to 1,000 or more so dollars for a mortgage, but think about it. Where are those hundreds of dollars taking you? Renting, unlike a mortgage, is not an investment. It’s a short-term proposition that keeps a place to put your head at night.

There’s no reason to think a mortgage will tie you down Some young people think that having to pay a mortgage means they will have to sacrifice their freedom. While owning a home does take a certain amount of management and upkeep, there’s no reason to fear the commitment of home ownership. You’ll likely need to save a little longer and keep splurges to a minimum in order to afford the things you used to, but believe it or not, there’s benefit in that—you’ll be a little wiser with your money and learn the value in the things you want.

It’s not always cheaper to rent The real estate market has ups and downs, and while it is often a little cheaper to rent, there have certainly been times in specific markets where the cost of rent outweighed the cost of a mortgage. Like we said before, renting provides little to no return on your investment, whereas homeownership can offer you long-term growth. Paying a little more per month isn’t always a detriment.

You could experience benefits to your taxes There’s nothing more brutal than looking at your paycheck and watching your hard-earned money drift away in taxes, but it’s the reality. If you’re renting, you likely aren’t benefitting

from many tax breaks that you could be getting should you choose to own a home. Homeownership can actually lower your taxes in some cases, and makes you more likely to get a tax refund.

Homeownership can be a scary prospect, especially for people who are just starting out in life. But it’s also an investment that can pay off tenfold with the right guidance.

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