• Jonathan Desai

Table Talk: Family Conversation Starters

Having a hard time getting your family members - Especially your kids - to talk about their day?

In today’s all-digital world, it can be hard to peel fingers off of cell phones and eyeballs off of televisions. The next time your family is gathered around the dinner table or spending time on the couch, dip into your table topics jar to get the discussion started! Filled with conversation starters, a table topics jar is the perfect way to inspire family bonding.


  • Jar of choice

  • Jar label of choice

  • Conversation topics, cut into pieces


  1. Decorate jar to your liking.

  2. Fill the jar with pieces of paper that have short conversation prompts.

  3. At your next family dinner, have each member of your family draw a prompt from the jar.

  4. Sit back, and watch the conversation begin!

Keep this conversation jar near the dinner table, and be sure to use it at least once during each meal. It will prompt healthy discussion, and depending on the topics you and your family choose, everyone may learn something new each night.

Check out these printable conversation starters!

Courtesy of Reminder Media, American Lifestyle

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