• Jonathan Desai

SuperBowl LVI Rocket Mortgage Ad

🚀 Let’s talk about that Rocket Mortgage ad in the 2022 SuperBowl for a second.

Almost every REALTOR®️ talks about why they don’t recommend them, but why?

Why is it so important in the loan officer you choose to use?

📉This quick graphic helps break it down. 👇

Why do most people choose a company like Rocket Mortgage? 🤔

📈 Because they offer lower rates? Did you know those rates come at a price they don’t show you until it’s too late? Remember the old saying we know? “If its too good to be true, it probably is”.

❌Because it’s easier? Is the easy way always the most beneficial way?

➡️At the VERY LEAST compare one of these companies with a local loan officer. You’re in the market to purchase arguably one of the biggest investments in your life. Are you really going to choose your lender based on 60 second ad?

Let’s talk and break down why all of theses are so important first. 💪

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