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Single People are Taking Back Valentine’s Day

Updated: Jan 26

Being single on Valentine’s Day seems like a day for inevitable loneliness and sadness. It’s quite hard to ignore the holiday themed teddy bears, candy, and other gifts that fill up shelves at the grocery store. Television will play (cheesy) romantic movies, and even Netflix will throw shade by suggesting rom-coms in lieu of Valentine’s Day. Single people have been terrorized by this celebration of romance

for too long, so this year is a Valentine’s for those who are flying solo.

Think of a place you have been wanting to visit. Valentine’s Day is your excuse to take yourself there. This can be a small daytrip or an overnighter, but it will serve as an escape from your daily routine. A quick trip to a city like Chattanooga, Nashville, or Asheville can offer a fresh selection of restaurants or shopping so you can treat yourself. Even a change of scenery is refreshing and a nice way to love on yourself. A solo daytrip is meant to be everything that you want it to be without regard to anyone else, so be selfish and do whatever you want to do!

If there was ever a perfect day to start a new hobby, it would be Valentine’s Day. While trying something new can be intimidating, you might impress yourself and accomplish something you have been dreaming about. Tune into your creative side and paint something as a gift for yourself. If you have a favorite food or a recipe you’ve thought of making, then Valentine’s Day is the day to cook it. Choosing to be a beginner is scary, but new hobbies can become new loves and create individual happiness. What a great thing to do for yourself on the holiday of love.

Bro-dates and galentine’s celebrations are the best way to combat loneliness on Valentine’s Day. Round up your boys or call up your girls and make plans for dinner, drinks, or both. This will not be just a regular ole outing with friends though; it is a celebration of your friendship and comradery. You might even toast to each other with words of love or humor- both of which will put a smile on everyone’s faces. Valentine’s Day cannot be stolen away from singles by the overwhelming romantic gestures meant only for couples; love for your crew and your besties should also be acknowledged on this holiday.

While it is tempting to fall into the trap of loneliness set out for single people on Valentine’s Day, it is far more rewarding to see the holiday as a time dedicated to yourself. Where do you want to take yourself on this holiday? What do you want to try for the first time? Treat yourself to a special time of acknowledging what makes you happy and brings love into your life.

Written By Macey Kennedy

Edited By Jonathan Desai

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