• Jonathan Desai

Make This Mini Greenhouse

Not everyone lives in an ideal environment to have their own greenhouse on their property, which is where this mini version comes into play. Your interior space just got livelier.


  • (2) 7” x 11” frames

  • (4) 8” x 10” frames, varying styles

  • Spray paint, your choice of color

  • Hot glue

  • Round wooden bead, for the doorknob

  • Thumb tack

  • 2 small hinges

  • Super glue

  • Faux grass


  1. Remove the backs and glass from all of your frames. Spray paint them with your desired color, and let them dry completely. Tip: use needle nose pliers to take out the metal tabs from your frames.

  2. Once dry, place your glass back into the frames, and seal them with hot glue.

  3. Take one of your 7” x 11” frames, and run a line of glue down the long edge. Take the other 7” x 11” frame and hold it on the glue until dry.

  4. Take 3 of the 8” x 10” frames, and arrange them how you want the 3 walls of the greenhouse to stand. Run glue down the edges (minus the ones that will be used for the door), and hold each wall one at a time until the glue dries.

  5. Once your 3 walls are attached to each other, run another seam of glue on the inside of the walls for added stabilization.

  6. Place your 7”x11” roof on top of the walls, and run a line of glue in those seams along the long edge, and hold in place until secure.

  7. Take the round wood bead, and spray paint it the color of your frames. Hot glue the thumb tack in the whole of the bead to create your door knob. Glue this onto your door frame.

  8. Using the super glue, attach your hinges onto your door frame and let dry. Glue the other side of the hinge to one of the edges of your wall frames and hold until dry.

  9. Once all the glue has dried, proceed to cut the faux grass to the size of the inside of your greenhouse.

  10. Fill with plants, and enjoy!

Check out this video about it!

Courtesy of Reminder Media, American Lifestyle

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