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Local Knoxville Eatery Favorites

If you are from the Knoxville area and you’re burnt out on your old favorite food spots, or new to the city and looking for a new favorite, these local restaurants offer tastes to write home about. Dani Calhoun is a Knoxville native with a love for the local tastes of East Tennessee, and gives some direction in the hunt for the city’s yummiest eateries. 

“For good food when you don’t have a particular craving, go to Aubrey’s since the menu offers a pretty wide variety,” Dani said. From salmon tacos to filet bites to “Pizza Rockefeller”- no matter which dish you choose, the homemade food here will impress you. Most everything is made in-house with recipes unique to the restaurant- take the “Pizza Rockefeller” for example: made on a tortilla shell with spinach queso, grilled chicken, tomatoes, and jalapenos. 

“Cruze Farm’s ice cream. It’s better than regular ice cream, but the downside of that is no other ice cream compares after you’ve had theirs,” Noted Dani.. Cruze Farm is a local dairy farm in Knoxville that has churned their own ice cream for decades. The

traditional process the farm holds in creating their dairy

may be the source of her obsession. Hand dipped cones, milkshakes, and churns are going to leave a lasting impression, so proceed with caution to Cruze Farm. 

The Knoxwiches food truck is a hidden gem, and sometimes quite literally hidden. The local food truck is known to set up in neighborhoods or near breweries in the area, and they serve sandwiches you won’t forget anytime soon. Dani said, “I walked up my neighborhood one night and saw it parked beside the pool house, so I checked out

the menu and ended up walking back down to my house for my wallet. It was well worth it,. Philly cheesesteak, teriyaki mushroom, and reuben sandwiches are a few classics offered at Knoxwiches that you don’t want to miss out on. 

If you like southern comfort food then Maple Street Biscuit Company should be at the top of your list. Biscuits at Maple Street are homemade and given a unique twist with their in-house made jellies, apple butter, and shiitake mushroom gravy, just to name

a few. “I went through a phase where I ate Maple Street at least twice a week for breakfast. They have the best coffee, too; it has a bit of maple flavor to it,” Dani said. Her favorite biscuit is “The Farmer”, with fried chicken, pecanwood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, and apple butter. 

A long-time Knoxville favorite is Sam & Andy’s. This local joint was established in 1946 and is known for their burgers, and specifically their “Vol Burger”. “I’ve been eating at Sam & Andy’s since I was a kid. My family loves it; the food and the atmosphere are homey, and it feels like you’ve gone back in time in there,” Dani said. Even if you aren’t cheering on the Volunteers on gameday, you’ll be cheering for the Vol Burger at Sam & Andy’s. 

From the Pizza Rockefeller or traditionally churned ice cream to food truck sandwiches, home-made biscuits, and Vol Burgers; Knoxville has are some of the most yummy and unforgettable dishes in the area. Locals know how to eat, and these establishments serve the staples of the food culture here. 

Written By Macey Kennedy

Edited By Jonathan Desai

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