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Johnson City Restaurants

Johnson City, in the far eastern Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee, is a mountain town that spans about 44 square miles and is surrounded by rolling hills and mountain peaks. If you embark on an adventure in JC, you’ll want to fuel up by eating at one of the city’s local restaurants.

Johnson City has a little taste of Germany at Freiberg’s restaurant. Freiberg’s is locally owned, and named after the owner’s hometown in East Germany. The dining room at Freiberg’s captures the restaurant’s authenticity with its rustic decor, making this a well-rounded German dining experience; not to mention the homemade German dishes and imported German beer! Foodies, culture connoisseurs, or anybody looking for genuine German cuisine will feel as though they’ve been transported to Germany, and still feel right at home in Freiberg’s cozy atmosphere.

With ingredients made from scratch and cooked in a brick oven, nothing beats a homemade pizza pie from Johnson City’s Scratch Brick Oven. Customers trust Scratch to make the perfect pizza for them, literally! Scratch’s Trust Pizza is always a surprise for those who want to take the pizza leap of faith, and trust the pizzaiolos to concoct a unique combination of toppings and sauce. It’s likely that your Trust Pizza

will be unlike any pie you’ve tried before. If you eat inside the pizzeria you will see the brick oven that was built by Scratch- that is, if you’re not distracted by the posters or unique wall hangings in the dining room. Music here plays through a record player, and customers can flip through Scratch’s record collection and choose the music as they please.

Another Johnson City original is Cooti

e Brown’s- a local restaurant with a unique menu and dining experience combined. Inside the restaurant customers may observe the paintings on the wall that tell the fictional story of Cootie Brown: a

world-traveler who brought together a variety of tastes from the different places he visited! Cootie’s has dishes from Jamaican Jerk, to Memphis style barbeque, tamales, key lime pie, and even 24 specialty pizzas. With a colorful dining room and wide variety of tastes, this is a Johnson City favorite.

Johnson City isn’t like any other mountain town, and restaurants like Freiberg’s, Scratch, and Cootie Brown’s embody the city’s genuinity.

Stay tuned in a couple of weeks for more about the special spots in Johnson City, Tennessee.

Written by Macey Kennedy

Edited by Jonathan Desai

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