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Johnson City- Breweries and Nightlife

Johnson City, Tennessee covers only about 44 square miles and is surrounded by mountains and rolling hills. But despite its small mountain city demeanor this town knows how to have a good time! With a variety of breweries and nightlife, there are a few places that Johnson City native, Austin Gorsky, says you can’t miss out on. Austin is a student at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, and knows the ropes when taking on the city’s best spots.

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A visit to Johnson City Brewing Company is an experience that rewards beer lovers

with its distinct local tastes. The brewery has almost all local brews, so it's a great spot to try something new and unique to the area. "It's also really nice scenery because it's downtown, and its style and character give off an old city bar feeling,” Austin said. And in fact, the brewery is located in the historic King Building that was built in the 1920’s.

Yee-Haw Brewing Company is the biggest

brewery in the city, and is another spot to try local craft beers. “What I like about Yee-Haw is it has White Duck Taco Shop attached to it, so you can grab tacos while you drink,” Austin said. The brewery and taco shop has lots of indoor and outdoor seating, with couches and TVs inside and a fire pit on the patio. While you may have visited another Yee-Haw brewery in East Tennessee, the Johnson City location is the original and where it all started.

If your evening turns into a late night adventure in the city, Numan’s Cafe & Sports Bar should be in your playbook. “It’s a college bar with pool tables and well-priced

drinks, so you can have fun at Numan’s for a while,” Austin said. “When there’s karaoke people dance in front of the stage and sing along which is a good time too.” The two story sports bar is located downtown and is perfect for accommodating groups of friends looking for a laid-back spot to hang out, dance, and play pool.

If you are searching for a real party in Johnson City then New Beginnings will be your go-to. “They have an outdoor patio where there’s karaoke, or just a nice spot to hang out, but me and my friends used to sing every Thursday there,” Austin said.

Inside the nightclub there is a stage and a runway as the club doubles as a showbar! If you are lucky to catch a drag show at New Beginnings you are sure to be in for a fun and wild night. “And even when there's not a show the whole floor is people dancing. Definitely the place to be if you want to dance with your friends,” Austin said.

This mountain town has it all; whether you’re looking to check out a local brewery for a taste of unique craft beers, or searching out a live spot for fun and dancing. These Johnson City favorites will always show you a good time.

Written by Macey Kennedy

Edited by Jonathan Desai

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