• Jonathan Desai

How to Make Your Own Dreamcatcher

This boho-meets-modern dreamcatcher adds an element of uniqueness to your interior or exterior space, and can be a fun DIY project to tackle this summer with the whole family!


  • Embroidery hoops of varying sizes

  • 3 or more colors of yarn

  • Beads

  • Hot Glue

  • Feathers

  • Greenery and flowers


  1. Take the inner hoop from your embroidery hoops, and wrap each of them with a colored yarn.

2. Once each hoop is wrapped, use another color of yarn to create your design within the hoop. While you are creating your design, remember to add your beads where you want them before you tie the ends of your strings.

3. When your hoops are complete, arrange them how you would like, and use your yarn to tie them together.

4. Take your hot glue and attach greenery and flowers where you see fit. You can add also add feathers to your beads.

5. Take another color of yarn and start tying long strands from the bottoms of your hoops. You can make them in varying lengths, or, create a design or shape. Lastly, add some beads to your longer yarn strands, and hang up on your wall!

Courtesy of Reminder Media, American Lifesytle

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