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Historical Sites and Caverns in Tennessee

Fort Loudon:

Fort Loudon was built in 1756-1757. It is located in Vonore, Tennessee. The fort is from the Colonial-era that the British established. The British wanted to receive support from the Cherokee before the Seven Years War. Underneath the surrounding lake, lies the Concord village. There are beautiful paths to walk with an amazing lake view. You can explore the insides of each colonial house inside the fort as well as the Cherokee houses on that is right outside of the fort. Inside the information building, they have a small theatre to watch a documentary about Fort Loudon. Overall, it is an amazing site that is worth checking out. 

James White Fort:

James White Fort is in the Downtown Knoxville area. James White was an American pioneer and soldier who was born in 1747, in Rowan County, North Carolina. He founded Knoxville, Tennessee. There are colonial-dressed people who provide information about the times and houses. You can learn a lot about the founder of Knoxville and see how his home life was. You can walk around the path and check out the insides of every little house and building in the fort. You should totally visit the James White Fort. 

Andrew Johnson National Historic Site:

The Andrew Johnson National Historic Site is located in Greenville. The house was build in the 1830s. Andrew Johnson lived in Greenville for the majority of his life. The site was established to honor the president, Andrew Johnson. There are many trails and paths to walk along around the area and the scenery is beautiful. You can go inside Andrew Johnson’s house to explore and learn a lot about his life in that time.

Blount Mansion:

The Blount Mansion is in the Downtown Knox area. It is also known as the William Blount Mansion. The mansion was built in 1792, where it was home to the only territorial governor of the Southwest Territory. Later, William Blount was one of the two U.S. Senators from Tennessee. At the site, you can check out several houses and see original pieces from that time. The William Blount Mansion is beautiful, and it was very sophisticated for being of that time.

Rocky Mount State Historic Site: 

Located in Piney Flats, is the Rocky Mount State Historic Site. William Cobb’s residency is all original. The Cobb-Massengill House was the first territorial capital of the Southwest Territory and the residence served as the territorial capital from 1790 to 1792. There is a lot you can do at the Rocky Mount Historic Site. Covid-19 may have changed things, but they offered many activities for you and the kids. The have had activities that you can take part in such as candle making, cooking over the fire like they’d do in those times and so much more. There’s many houses to check out on the site. You should check it out!

Cade's Cove:

Cade's Cove is in Townsend, Tennessee. It was home to many settlers. There are beautiful scenic drives and many historical homes and barns to check out. The Primitive Baptist Church is interesting, as well as several other small churches on site. Several places at Cade’s Cove would be The John Cable Grist Mill, The Myers Barn, and several old cabins along the way.  There is lots of wildlife to see at Cade’s Cove so you may want to bring binoculars! Cade’s Cove is beautiful all year round, and it's time to go through the scenic drives. 


Tennessee has over 10,000 caves. While you can’t explore all of them; there are many beautiful caves that you can. They are interesting and unique experiences. Here are several that you can enter:

Tuckaleechee Cavern:

The Tuckaleechee Cavern is a interesting place to visit in the Smoky Mountain area. Located in Townsend, is a cavern that you are welcome to explore. The cavern was discovered in 1953. There is a lot of hiking in the cavern but it is definitely worth it. There is so much to see down there! Due to the fact it is underground, the temperature is very cool. They have a gift shop which has many cool items to remember the cavern by. The Tuckaleechee Cavern is really fascinating!

Underground Lake:

In Monroe County, there is an underground lake which you can explore. It is really fascinating down there underground! The Lost Sea Adventure is the largest underground lake in Tennessee. They offer boat rides so you can journey through the lake, as well as hike in the underground cavern. The temperature is very cold down there, and the water is even colder. If you want a really interesting experience go to the Lost Sea Adventure!

Ruby Falls: 

If you’d like to visit the nation’s tallest and most deep underground waterfall, go to Ruby Falls. The waterfall is located in Chattanooga. It was originally discovered in 1928. They offer tours of the waterfall site. It is an magnificent experience! 

Cumberland Caverns:

The Cumberland Caverns have over 32 miles of underground caves and paths. There are interesting rock formations, waterfalls and pools of water down inside the cavern. The site offers daytime and overnight walking tours, in which you can learn more about the Cumberland Caverns. There is so much to see in these caves!

There are many other caverns to visit such as: the Bristol Caverns, Appalachian Caverns, Dunbar Cave. 

Tennessee has so many unique and interesting historical places to visit. Take advantage of a social distancing weekend and check them out.

Written by Kadence Dahlstrom

Edited by Jonathan Desai

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