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Garden Stepping Stones

Turn your garden into a unique masterpiece with this fun and easy stepping stone craft! When you create this one-of-a-kind pathway, you will gain a sense of pride for your outdoor environment because you did everything yourself! Just get out those mismatched plates, recycled wine bottles, and that old cake pan, and follow the steps below!


  • Safety glasses

  • Old plates, sea glass, wine bottles, or glass gems (anything you want to use in your mosaic)

  • Old sheet or towel

  • Work or garden gloves

  • Hammer

  • Round nonstick pan 
(or any shape you prefer)

  • Clear or frosted contact paper

  • Chicken wire or other wire

  • Mesh dust mask

  • Rubber gloves

  • Concrete

  • Petroleum jelly

  • All-weather sealant


  1. Put on your safety glasses and work/garden gloves, and place one of your plates or bottles in an old sheet or towel. Smash the object with the hammer until the pieces are broken down to the desired size. Repeat with other plates and/or bottles until you have enough pieces for your mosaic.

  2. Place your cake pan on the contact paper, and trace the bottom of the pan. Cut out your shape, and remove the backing. Place the contact paper inside the pan with the sticky side up. Then cut out a piece of chicken wire to fit inside the pan, and set aside. (The chicken wire will add more support to your stepping stone.)

  1. Place your mosaic pieces on the sticky side of the contact paper with the design facing down. (This is to make sure that the design on your pieces is seen on the top of the stepping stone when finished.) Press each piece down hard to ensure that it is stuck to the paper, and leave some space between the pieces so the concrete can fill in the gaps.

  2. Before mixing your concrete, remember to put on your dust mask and rubber gloves. Be sure to mix your concrete according to the instructions on the bag. Note: We recommend using a sand/topping concrete mix when creating your stepping stone.

  1. Line the cake pan walls with petroleum jelly, and then start spooning the concrete into the pan and on top of your mosaic design. Spread it evenly until it’s an inch thick, then place your cut chicken wire onto the wet concrete, and spread another inch of concrete on top.

  2. Let the concrete set for at least two days. When it is dry, turn it over, and tap on the back of the cake pan until it releases. Then remove the contact paper.

  3. Clean the top of your stone with a wet sponge to remove any dust or dirt. When completely dry, apply a coat of the sealant.

Courtesy of Reminder Media, American Lifestyle

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