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Family Quarantine Activities and Things To Do

Always remember to wear your mask and distance yourself from others!


There are ways to go places without exposing yourself and others. You can stay in your car and go for a drive in your vehicle to see the outside scenery, which limits Coronavirus exposure.


Have a recipe you’ve always wanted to try? Now is the perfect time! Stay at home, find the recipe and make it. Being in the kitchen with family or friends is always a fun experience!


There are many things that can be made in your own home! Just about anything can be made into something. You could make candles, knit, paint, or even pick up a new skill such as sewing or decoupage! Several ideas would include: completing a puzzle, make a board of what your dream life would look like, and to learn and write calligraphy.


Quarantine is boring at home, so why not learn something new? Thanks to COVID-19, many places are shut down. Even though many places are beginning to open back up, people are fearful of the virus. If you go online, many historical sites have virtual tours where you can learn all about them! 

Now would be a great time to pick up that dusty instrument and learn to play it! You could also begin to learn a new language- or increase your knowledge of the language you learned in High School. You could write stories or create a blog. You could surprise a loved one with a handwritten letter. There are many things that you can do to learn and cure your boredom!

Check out some more historical and exploring spots here!


Quarantine gives you the time to binge all the TV Shows and Movies you want to see. Create a bucket list of all the shows you want finished by the end of quarantine, and all the movies you want to watch. It could be a classic movie marathon, horror movie bucket list, or a list of your favorites. I think it’s time for a Netflix and Chill night!

Find calming activities: 

It may be a smart idea to find something to calm you down and release the stress that COVID-19 has brought among us.  Several ideas to find your zen would be: Do some yoga, meditate, or take a nap. You could give sometime to yourself, maybe read a book, and de-stress a little. Self-care is very relaxing, as well as you get to take care of yourself. It is extremely important to do so and there are many ways to do it! Finding an activity to relax and release all the negative energy that 2020 has brought on us is a very necessary thing. 


I know, cleaning doesn’t sound like a fun activity. During these times, disinfecting your house, or only the commonly used items is really important. It’s important to kill the germs, so sickness does not spread. You don’t have to clean your house; you could go through things. Go through old pictures with a family member and revive those old memories. You could do through that junk drawer you have and see what you can find. Since the holidays are coming up, it may be a good time to decorate and prepare for them! There are ways to clean and tidy up without doing much work. 

Family Activities: 

It is important to spend time with your family, even if they drive you

crazy. Play board games together; there are many game options, I do not think you will run out of activities with that one! Complete a puzzle together, watch movies, or set up a nice fancy dinner in your home to go to as a family. Family time is important and it’s important to set some time aside for them. 

Quarantine has made life hard for all of us, but we can get through it together. If we take the necessary precautions, we can stay safe and keep others safe as well. 

Written by Kadence Dahlstrom

Edited by Jonathan Desai

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