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Creating an At-Home Library

People who love books often use them as an escape. Books take you to faraway places and different time periods. Why not create an area devoted to burying yourself deep in a book? If you have too many books to count, consider creating an at home library.

People who can benefit from an at home library Book lovers This is an obvious point, but if you love books, maybe even just the smell of old books and the charm of having them on shelves, then an at home library is for you. Collectors If you have rare, collectible items you’ve always wanted to display, this is your chance to shine. Rare books, antiques, and everything in between would make a perfect aesthetic for a library space. People who like to cozy up Creating a personal library space can be used for more than just reading. If you love to get cozy with a blanket and chair, your naps and movies can have their own secluded space too.

Where your home library should be located Adequate wall space The key to any successful at home library is storage. Installing shelving will require a room with clear, usable walls. Windows A nice touch to a library is having windows to let in natural light and views of the outdoors. However, if you’d prefer a darker, more secluded space, use a room with no windows or invest in black out curtains. Share with an office space Many don’t have an entire room to dedicate to an at home library, so if this is the case for you, consider sharing the space with your home office.

What to include in your home library Seating Style and amount of seating is a personal preference. Whether you’re looking to accommodate a few friends or want a solo space, make sure the seating is comfortable. If it’s not comfortable, you won’t be able to relax, and you’ll end up relocating. Consider getting a recliner so you can really kick back. Lighting Setting the tone of the room is all in the lighting. Creating an inviting space will need accent and ambient lights. To create a warm, cozy atmosphere pick incandescent bulbs. LED lights are great, but they tend to have a colder feel to them. Use floor and table lamps directly over your seating area to have well-lit areas to read.

Color Schemes If you’re looking for a traditional look, make the shelves a dark stain and have leather seating. For a modern feel, paint the shelving a white or off-white color and have furniture with your favorite accent color. Decorations Your style will determine how you decorate your library. Infuse your personality into the library with pictures, artwork, collections, and anything else you want to display. This is a space to call your own and you deserve to love what is around you in the room.

Shelving The important part of storage will be shelving. There are different styles of shelving, including free–standing, floating, and built–in. Choose according to budget and style. If you’re indecisive about layout, go with free–standing shelving you’ll be able to rearrange. If you have your heart set on a layout and style, choose built–in.

Aside from your personal aesthetic, at home libraries should all function to give you an at home oasis to escape and have time to pursue your interests. Get started with these tips—your dream library awaits!

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