Origin Story



When I buy a bottle of whiskey, I like to

know the story behind the brand;

so allow me to tell you mine.


I grew up in Charlotte, NC before moving

to India as a missions kid when I was 13. Four years later, I moved back to the States, to Knoxville; where I finished up high school as a Farragut High School grad. I then pursued TN Promise at PSTCC before transferring to UT to get a B.S Comm.Ad, minor journalism before I had a change of desire to pursue an exciting career in real estate. I've also worked food and retail management during my time in school.


As an agent, I'm energetic and always driven to satisfy my clients; not stopping until that job as done. Either as a buyer or a seller's agent, I bring a level of marketing and creative advertising strategy with an integration to social media campaigns that reach my ultimate goal: keeping my clients happy.


In my free time I enjoy reading crime novels and keeping up with current events/politics; as well as learning new things (business, finance/stocks, psychology, art of mixology, etc) In fact, I listen to podcasts and TED Talks more than music (yes I'm a nerd and embrace it 😀).

Still on the fence about calling me? Check out the "What makes me unique" tab, and let's fix that 😉.



Feel free to text or call me anytime and just say 'Hi!' 😊


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